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FeaturesRunning ST-LINK/V2 Broadcom WICED SDK for Internet of Things compatible Apple MFi ..


RedBear Duo

RedBear Duo – Wi-Fi + BLE IoT BoardThumb-size Cloud ready IoT board with co-existing WiFi and BLE ca..


WiFi Micro Kit

WiFi Micro KitThis Kit include a WiFi Micro and a companion board, MK20 USB, which is used to load f..


8Bitdo x RedBear ZERO GamePad

8Bitdo x RedBear ZERO GamePadDescriptionSpecial Edition of 8Bitdo's popular ZERO GamePad Please..


Antenna Kit

Antenna KitDescriptionIncluding - rubber ducky antenna - interface cableTechnical DetailsI..


IOT pHAT for Raspberry Pi

IOT pHAT for Raspberry Pi $12.9DescriptionThis model comes with the female header soldered on, we h..


WiFi Mini

WiFi MiniHighlights of RedBearLab WiFi MiniTexas Instruments CC3200 Dual core MCU: An ARM Cortex..


WiFi CC3200

WiFi CC3200Highlights of RedBearLab CC3200and WiFi MiniTexas Instruments CC3200 Dual core MCU: A..


WiFi Micro

WiFi MicroYou must have at least one set of WiFi Micro Kit because you will need the ..


BLE nRF51822

Bluetooth Low Energy Boards Based on Nordic nRF51822Common FeaturesNor..


BLE Nano Kit

BLE Nano & MK20 USB BoardBLE Nano is the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy System-on-Chip (SoC)..


BLE Nano

BLE Nano & MK20 USB BoardNOTE! You must have at least one set of BLE Nano Kit bec..


BLE Shield

BLE ShieldDemo VideoDescriptionBLE Shield stands for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)..